2016 annual work great live show moments (excerpt)

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In the midst of laughter, great live working 2016 annual party official debut.

Company-wide more than 300 joint enjoyed this by the staff wrote, directed, and acted in the evening feast.

Opening, ambitious troupe for giving us some elegant dances.

Financial Center a big show of song and technology, soulful interpretation of a "Pear and open."

"Master, white Ryoma it?" White Rabbit home built villa went! 390 008, Villa moved back home ......

Front lead dancer, hosting, singing, dancing, how you everywhere? So talented, is coming to the bowl.

Versailles large living room sitting on business, and that feeling is Bang Bang ~!

Latin solo, stunning the audience.

Traditional old program - San Juban, amused the audience roared with laughter.

Ambitious joint team staged portrait T-Taiwan show, reproducing the Republic of love.

This group of people face value play, obviously you can rely on face to eat, but why rely on strength! How do you say? Headstrong ah ~

Monologue: Director, I would like to enjoy the madness ......

Zero site magic "prophecy." Under the watchful eyes, no flaws, to puzzle, please find manpower administrative center, small series hen ah ~ ~